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The current regulations imposed by the Government of Saskatchewan violate the Charter freedoms of citizens to move, travel, assemble, associate and worship all while crippling society and the economy.

Under the Saskatchewan Government’s Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan for the province, many of the features of the economy and society have been permitted to resume operations in part, under strict and costly conditions. The government has not informed the public when long-term restrictions – such as those on mass gatherings – will be repealed.

The Charter requires the Saskatchewan Government to carefully and thoughtfully consider the full impact of lockdown measures, restrictions, and regulations including all social and economic harm, as well as the adverse impact on the physical and mental health of its citizens. The Charter requires actual evidence, not speculation, to prove that these lockdown measures, restrictions and regulations have achieved results that would not have been achieved by measures that do not violate the Charter. This has not happened.


A Petition to the Government of Saskatchewan to End Lockdown Measures

WE, the undersigned residents of the Province of Saskatchewan, wish to bring to your attention the following:

THAT the current COVID-19 ordinances contravene the rights and freedoms of Saskatchewan people enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

WE, in the prayer that reads as follows, respectfully request the Government of Saskatchewan to end all lockdown measures, restrictions and regulations that are currently in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  



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