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Our Leader


My name is Phillip Michael Zajac and I am very excited about the upcoming election in the province of Saskatchewan. I have made Estevan our home for the past 11 years and I love my community. I have been deeply involved here as a volunteer coaching ECS high school football for 11 years, minor football for two years, and girls’ softball for 7 years as well as helping kids learn to skate. I have played rec hockey here for 7 years and truly enjoy my time on the ice.

Our strong performance in the 2020 Election caused the Sask Party to create the Ministry Of Autonomy..Within months of the election this became a reality. The Buffalo Members create all of our policies.This is how a grassroots, member driven party operates.and represents the people of Saskatchewan. The "people" are the center of our party and that is who we work for and represent. Our energy and farming policies that were written by, and voted on by our members is fantastic. People that are passionate about this province and have a great vision for the future of Saskatchewan. 

The Buffalo Party will create thousands of high paying jobs for the people of Saskatcehwan and will operate in a "Sask First" in everything we do every day. Contracts, employment opportunities and business enhancement will be Sask first everytime. 
We are the only Party that rejects the 2030 agenda 100% as none of it is good for the people of Saskatchewan, We already have the power to control our destiny in terms of natural resources and commodities that we create within this province. We need political leadership that is willing to say no to Ottawa and let the people of Saskatcehwan thrive. We have passed over 100 policies and are ready to lead Saskatchewan to an economic future that will see us remove the PST permanently and end the carbon tax on everything, for everyone in Saskatchewan.
We are the only Party protecting every aspect of small town Saskatcehwan, from building rural hospitals, schools and seniors homes. We will embolden our rural communities so that they are around for another 100 years.
Politics is a strategic business. Negotiating with the East has to be done with a balanced approach of confidence and commitment to. achieving the goals that are best for our citizens. We have been saying for four years that we will negotiate a better deal with the federal government then what Quebec has done. We have policies in place that will show the people of the province how we will do that.
We are the only party having town halls and speaking with residents and listening to their concerns. We are doing the work that current politicians are not willing to do until it is election time. In the next two weeks our team will be in Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Maple Creek, Kindersly and Lyodminister.
We are "Ready to Lead" day 1 when we form government and look forward to bringing "Common Sense" back to politics and government.