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Our Policies

Every policy passed within the Buffalo Party was submitted and voted on by the members. Not the Leader or the Board. YOU. Common sense policies written by the members.

Many were developed at our Policy and Governance meetings. When similar policies are submitted they can be amalgamated together. They are also categorized into departments which they represent best. 

These policies are the backbone of what the Buffalo Party represents. Everyday people taking control over their governance.

Listed here are the departments which our policies reside. Click on the names to view the policies.

Agriculture Education Other
Autonomy Energy Senior's and Social Assistance
Budgeting Health Taxation
Democracy Intergovernmental Relations  
Economy Justice  

If you would like to see new policy, or amendments to current policy, you can do so using

this form.

Please email the party at [email protected]. Your submissions will be voted on at the next Policy Convention or Party Convention.