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Phil Zajac: Estevan

Phone: (306) 471-VOTE [8683]

Email: [email protected]

Campaign Office: 1209 4th St., Estevan, SK

My name is Phillip Michael Zajac and I am very excited about the upcoming election in the province of Saskatchewan. My daughter who is attending University of Regina and I have made Estevan our home for the past 11 years and I love my community. I have been deeply involved here as a volunteer coaching ECS high school football for 11 years, minor football for two years, and girls’ softball for 7 years as well as helping kids learn to skate. I have played rec hockey here for 7 years and truly enjoy my time on the ice.

I was on the library board for South East Saskatchewan for 7 years, and spent three terms as chairman of the board, responsible for budgeting decisions and strategy.  We were the first branch to ever receive several awards from the provincial government for performance. I was also a member of the South East Economic Development Board. This board spearheaded several projects, the first was to twin highway 39, the second was to provide a better drinking water solution for southeast Saskatchewan just to name a few. sound familiar? For several years I had volunteered as a Kinsmen helping with many charity events and helping raise money for people and services that needed help right here in our community.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Beloit College in Beloit Wisconsin where I played hockey and football, Beloit is a distinguished educational institution that was founded 21 years before Canada was a country. The school is known for its political critical training and thinking for students from around the world. I was fortunate to have taken several government classes including international organizations and the law, western political thought and civil liberties.

I have worked in banking for the past 6 years here in Estevan and have a total of 12 years’ experience. I have managed Peterbilt, Bourassa’s New Holland dealership and owned my own hotshot company. My broad base of experience allows me to understand the pressures we are facing here as residents and business owners in SE Saskatchewan.

I will be a strong voice for you all! I believe that it is time that we stand strong against the Federal government that is willing to deplete our wealth for the sake of other countries around the world.

I will ask the legislature through legislation that I will introduce, to eliminate immediately the carbon tax and stop charging, collecting and transferring those funds and putting that money back in your pocket.

I will ask the legislature through legislation to allocate funds to retro units four and five and start generating power again for the next 30 years while providing Saskatchewan residents with a solid future of wealth, good jobs and a stable prosperous community.

Change has to start somewhere. Someone has to say what needs to be said in the legislature every day to fight for the people of this community. Let’s put the province and federal government on notice that we are not going to just lay down and allow them to destroy small town Saskatchewan and eliminate the wealth that has been created through mining, farming and the oil field. We are proud of what we have accomplished here in our area through hard work that has seen good and bad times.

Let’s give Estevan and area a fighting chance. Let’s Go Buffalo!

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