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Our Mission/Values



Mission Statement

A Free and Prosperous Saskatchewan

Our Values 

  1. We believe that all people within Saskatchewan are Free. Their Rights and Freedoms shall never be compromised.
  2. We believe that the Saskatchewan people have the right to vote for Independence. It's the people's choice to stay within or leave confederation. No matter the outcome; We should be in full control of our destiny.
  3. We believe that smaller government will reduce red tape, reduce the suppression of a free market and be less of a tax burden to the people.
  4. We believe in democracy. The people have the right to vote for all of those whom govern Saskatchewan. All of those elected shall represent the people first, without fear.
  5. We believe that every person within Saskatchewan has the right to fair treatment in regards to health care and education.


There is hope for the future. Now is the time. Saskatchewan is the place and we are the Party.

-Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan

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