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Gordon Bradford: Last Mountain-Touchwood

Email: [email protected] 

Mobile: (306) 530-4077

Gordon grew up in Regina and moved to the Lipton area shortly after getting married in 2010. Gordon and his wife have five children, ages ranging from 2-16.  Besides enjoying time with family and friends, some of his hobbies include woodworking, CFL football, hunting, and recreational shooting. 

Gordon completed school in 2002, and attended classes at the University of Regina and SIAST. He earned his 1A accreditation driver’s license in 2006. From Gordon’s experiences delivering products in western Canada, he has learned the importance of meeting the practical needs of people in the community.

Gordon is passionate about keeping the values of Saskatchewan people alive and strong. He feels that transparency and honesty have been lost in our current political system and must be regained. The prosperity of this province must benefit all people and no longer be enjoyed only by the elite. 

Gordon believes that Saskatchewan’s strength is our people. He would be honored to represent the needs of the people, and be a voice we can all rely on to stand strong and persevere.

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