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RELEASE: The Sask Party's appointment of the Minister of Independence


November 21, 2020


We would like to thank the Saskatchewan Party for creating the Minister of Independence because this gives the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan legitimacy in our platform which are the Five Pillars that makes us Equal to Quebec.

Independence for the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan means Equal to Quebec and is defined by the Five Pillars. These are:

  1. A Provincial Police Force, same as Quebec, which will create better distribution of resources across the Province.
  2. We will collect our own taxes through the Treasury Dept. and send the Federal share to Ottawa.
  3. Equalization Payments – through our Treasury Dept., we will balance our own budget, contribute to our own Saskatchewan Heritage Fund, and then decide how much we will send to Ottawa in equalization payments.
  4. Immigration – as we move to a manufacturing economy, we will decide who can immigrate to our Province as we need specific people to meet the demands of our future industry. We will not be dictated by Ottawa who can immigrate to Saskatchewan.
  5. Saskatchewan Pension Plan will pay our Seniors a pension that they can live on as they are the ones who built this Province.

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan will not stop in the fight for Equality and Independence for the Saskatchewan People. We will hold the Minister of Independence to account in achieving the Five Pillars.



Wade Sira

Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan Interim Party Leader

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